Treat Sciatica Pain Naturally With These Tips

You can treat sciatica pain naturally by applying certain techniques and integrating tips into your life and treatment regimen. Sciatica by definition is pressure or pain of the sciatic nerve. It is often referred to as a “pinched nerve.” The channels of pain are not limited to any point on the sciatic nerve. This means that pain can start in the lower back and reach into the sole of the foot. Sciatica also has the ability to cause changes in the muscle power of the affected leg. The sciatic nerve is the size of a pinky finger which originates in the spinal column of the lower back. An estimated 10% of the population in the United States aged 25-45 years old suffers from this crippling disorder.

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Treat Sciatica Pain Naturally with exercise!

How to Treat Sciatica Pain Naturally

Fortunately for sciatica sufferers, there are natural treatments to help ease the pain. Chiropractic spinal adjustment is a great remedy to help take pressure off the affected nerve. Chiropractors realign the spine and prevent protrusion into the canal, which is the source of the pain. Yoga and stretching is another method for strengthening the core and developing better posture. This helps with inflammation and promotes pain relief. A majority of people suffering from sciatica find that heating pads are a good source for pain reduction. If you couple a heating pad with a warm bath, it will help loosen the muscles and improve circulation. Better posture will also take pressure off the affected area.

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Topical Treatments for Sciatica Pain

Narcotic and over the counter pain relievers have not been proven very effective according to sciatica sufferers. If the above-mentioned methods have had little to no effect, topical compounds may be your next step. The use of topical compounds allows you to apply the cream directly to the source of pain. This has shown to be more effective than orally consumed pills or opioid pain relievers. Using topical compounds in conjunction with the other suggested methods should provide pain relieving results in a more natural manner.

Are you or a loved one suffering from sciatica pain? Tell us about your experience and what treatment method works best for you in the comments section below!

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