Benefits of Apples on Rheumatoid Arthritis

Ever hear the phrase, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”? Of course, you have. Have you taken it seriously? Probably not, but you should. It won’t keep the doctor away, but the benefits of apples go far beyond fiber. Researchers have studied the nutritional benefits of many foods, but let’s delve into why the mighty apple is wonderful for rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients.  

Apples have a great source of vitamin C, A, and antioxidants. This makes apples wonderful for helping to remove free radicals and other harmful byproducts from foods and environmental inhalants.  

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Which apples are best to eat? Red apples! The polyphenol levels, an anti-inflammatory antioxidant, are five times greater in the skin of red apples. Although a dark red apple is best, it doesn’t hurt to include a variety of apples in your daily diet.

Studies have shown people with RA are at a higher risk for cardiovascular disease. Phytonutrients in apples and apple juice could prevent plaque buildup in the arteries.

The benefits of apples can also help RA patients consume the recommended essential vitamins and minerals. Apples also contain a small amount of boron. Boron helps boost energy levels. This element also helps prevent bone density loss.

If you’re already eating an apple a day, keep it up! If not, it’s time to incorporate this antioxidant-rich 80 calories treat into your diet. Not sure you can eat at least one a day? Carry apple slices for convenience, add them (with skin) to your favorite yogurt or oatmeal. Try drinking 100% apple juice. Fresh squeezed would be best. Add an apple to your smoothie for an extra boost.

The benefits of apples are good for everyone but even better for those with RA. Eating at least one medium apple a day is sure to make a difference in your health.

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