6 Fears About Arthritis

Fearing arthritis pain are very common. Whether people have it or not, the fear of living with an incurable form of chronic pain is daunting. When you are diagnosed with arthritis, you never truly know what to expect. The unknown is frightening within itself. When you begin to feel the slightest bit of arthritis pain, the overwhelming feeling of stress and anxiety only adds to the fear. Here are some of the most common fears about arthritis.

A Life of Pain – Just the thought of living with pain is frightening and may cause stress or depression. You never know how intense your pain will be until it happens. Arthritis patients have their good and bad days. but the unpredictability can cause even more stress and anxiety. Living with arthritis isn’t impossible.

Poor Pain Treatment – You’ve been diagnosed. Now what? There are several ways to relieve arthritis pain, but each method may not work for everyone. People fear trying several unsuccessful treatments and wasting valuable time and money. People must be patient and make wise treatment decisions. The fear of the pain not subsiding or disappearing altogether may cause many people to not even want to get treatment. There is no such thing as a quick fix. Everything takes time.

Deteriorating Symptoms – Being diagnosed with something that is incurable will automatically lead to the thought of your body deteriorating. The idea of not being able to slow the progression and essentially wasting away is terrifying. It doesn’t have to be this way. With the proper pain management and lifestyle choice, you can live a full life. Taking the necessary steps to lessen the rate of cartilage decay can reduce pain and save your joints from further immediate damage.

No Independence – Many people take being independent for granted. When you have arthritis, you may fear heavily relying on people. Having joint pain can cause difficulty in driving, walking, bathing, cooking, etc. Having arthritis means you have to adjust your routine due to physical limitations. Will you have to give up certain activities? What about your hobbies? People with arthritis will have to adapt and adjust to a new life.

Financial Instability – Can you afford the cost of healthcare? Can you afford your prescription medication or safely get to your doctor appointment? Financial instability due to work limitations can be emotionally draining. The idea of losing your job because of the inability to work or getting laid off is a horrifying financial position to be in. Be sure to make smart financial decisions, stay within your budget, check your healthcare coverage and your local disability policy to see if you qualify for any benefits if necessary.

Death – The number one fear has to be potentially dying from arthritis. There isn’t an exact number of deaths caused by arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis (RA), although not fatal, has been linked to a higher risk of complications that can be fatal. Rheumatoid arthritis causes an increase in heart attacks, heart disease, infections respiratory conditions and gastrointestinal diseases. Some of these may be related to RA treatment.

Don’t let fears about arthritis pain worry you. It can be difficult to anticipate the severity of arthritis. Educating yourself on the disease can make you more informed about your decisions and add some reassurance.

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