This Song Reduced Anxiety By 65 Percent

Need to reduce stress and anxiety? You need to listen to, what researchers call, the most relaxing song on Earth.

We all know how stress can impact our mind and body. Researchers have always stated how powerful music therapy is when it comes to reducing stress and anxiety. A study on sound therapy was conducted by a team of neuroscientists, lead by Mindlab’s chairman Dr. Lewis-Hodgson. Participants were told to solve puzzles to provoke. The goal was to monitor their heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure via sensors attached to their bodies. Different songs were then played while they attempted to solve the puzzles.

One song stood out from the rest. Marconi Union‘s Weightless reduced their overall anxiety by up to 65 percent and produced a higher state of relaxation than any other song tested.

“‘Weightless‘ was so effective, many women became drowsy and I would advise against driving while listening to the song because it could be dangerous,” said Dr. David Lewis-Hodgson.

Remarkably, the group behind the song worked with sound therapists to produce this effect. Everything including the harmonies, rhythms, and bass lines was arranged to slow a listener’s heart rate, blood pressure, and lower stress levels.

You can listen to “the most relaxing” song below. Warning: the video is very hypnotizing.

Here is a complete list of the top 10 songs that were shown to reduce stress and anxiety.

10. “We Can Fly,” by Rue du Soleil (Café Del Mar)

9. “Canzonetta Sull’aria,” by Mozart

8. “Someone Like You,” by Adele

7. “Pure Shores,” by All Saints

6. “Please Don’t Go,” by Barcelona

5. “Strawberry Swing,” by Coldplay

4. “Watermark,” by Enya

3. “Mellomaniac (Chill Out Mix),” by DJ Shah

2. “Electra,” by Airstream

1. “Weightless,” by Marconi Union

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