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Topical Compounds For Chronic Pain

We at chronicpaindaily.com believe that the opioid abuse epidemic that has been exponentially growing can be curtailed by exploring the opportunity for alternative treatment forms. We believe that there is a better choice for patients and chronic pain sufferers alike: topical compounds for chronic pain.

A topical compound is created in specialty laboratories called compounding pharmacies by compound pharmacists. Each medication is custom tailored to the patient’s needs and can be filled as a regular prescription by your doctor. The benefits of using a topical compound include:

  • Instant pain relief: A topical compound or pain cream can help painful chronic ailments.
  • Relief where needed: A topical compound can be applied directly to the area affected that has pain.
  • Simple Application: Topical compounds and pain creams can be used like lotions directly onto the skin.
  • Fast acting pain relief: The medication is absorbed transdermally, and the effects are immediate.

The best benefit of using topical compounds for your chronic pain: TOPICAL COMPOUNDS CAN BE COVERED BY YOUR INSURANCE AS AN ADDED BENEFIT. We have partnered with MEDPAINCREAM.COM , a site dedicated to providing topical compound pain creams for chronic pain patients to provide you with the opportunity to see if you qualify for pain relief. Just fill in the form on the right to see if you qualify for a topical compound and one of their specialists will contact you directly.


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