Shoulder Pain: Causes and Treatment

Shoulder pain can be caused by an array of different disorders or injuries. One of the most common injuries sustained by the shoulder is a torn rotator cuff. Your shoulder is made up or three bones which are your upper arm bone, your shoulder blade, and your collarbone. Your shoulder has a broad range of motion, and when your ability to move freely is jeopardized, you soon will experience lots of pain and discomfort. You can injure the area by performing manual labor, participating in sports, or in some cases, repetitive motion. Let’s discuss what causes shoulder pain.

Rotator Cuff Tendinitis and Shoulder Pain 

The most common pain stemming from the shoulder is rotator cuff tendinitis. The condition is a result of inflamed tendons from overuse and sports. It is most common in age groups 19-60 and is treatable by a medical professional. It is also referred to as impingement syndrome. Ice, rest, and topical compounds are all forms of treatment that could be beneficial to relieving the dull ache associated.

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Shoulder pain is difficult to deal with, but with exercise and physical therapy your shoulder pain can be managed.

Shoulder Pain Due To Rotator Cuff Tear

Your arm is kept in a socket by a rotator cuff which is a network of four muscles that come together helping lift and rotate your arm and, in cases where individuals perform the repetitive motion, a tear can occur. It is very common especially in sports such as basketball and happens to over 3 million American’s each year. In more severe cases, surgery will be required to fix the tear, and months of physical therapy will follow. In minor cases, physical therapy could be a sufficient means of a cure.

Shoulder Pain Caused By Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis and its physical limitations increase with age, but something as simple as a dislocated shoulder can lead to osteoarthritis at a young age. It is a degenerative joint disease, and it happens when the cartilage that covers the tops of bones wear down. Symptoms include pain while moving the shoulder, and in some cases, you can be in pain while asleep. It also limits your range of motion and produces a clicking sound. Rest is the best treatment in this instance; however rest isn’t an option for most people. Physical therapy, heat and ice for 15-minute increments, and topical compounds can decrease some of the pain.


As someone who suffers from persistent shoulder pain as a result of over-use, I have a method I use daily that helps me get through the day. I wake up every morning 20 minutes earlier than I need to, I grab my heating pad, and I lay on the hardwood floor and just stretch. Stretching every morning with a heating pad followed by a small application of topical compounds and a workout mid-day have managed to keep me almost entirely pain-free. Of course, there is lingering dull pain, but bringing the pain down from an 8 to a two is life changing. Topical compounds have been a useful alternative to other over the counter medicines, at least in my case.

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