Veterans Managing Pain Can Attend A New Event Series Presented by the American Chronic Pain Association

There is a new series of events focusing on American Veterans managing pain who are suffering chronically. The event series is presented by the American Chronic Pain Association (ACPA) in coordination with various veterans groups. The events span throughout this year with panels that explore the impact of pain on the daily life of veterans.

Veterans Managing Pain

From their site:

With so many of our veterans returning home, many with injuries, there is an increased need to help them to return to a full life.  One of the major obstacles for so many of them is their injuries that, for many lead to chronic pain problems.  Our focus is to validate the impact of chronic pain among veterans and their families as we increase knowledge about pain management among veterans so that they can improve the quality of their life and reduce their sense of suffering.

The events will focus on pain management as well as starting and maintaining groups for veterans with pain. All veterans are welcomed to attend the events and there is no cost for attendance.

The importance of acknowledging chronic pain sufferers is paramount, especially because programs for veterans are not usually well funded or easily attainable. Here are the objectives of the events as outlined on the Veterans in Pain site:


  1. Explore the impact that pain has on the person with pain, their family, health care professionals and the public, and what the ACPA provides.
  2. Learn about the American Chronic Pain Association Ten Steps from Patient to Person.  Understand what the steps, what they mean and how to apply them to daily life.
  3. Identify what it takes to establish a peer lead group for people with pain.  Discuss what the ACPA provides to potential facilitators and the basics of starting and maintaining a group.

There are several dates already scheduled across the US with more planned. Here are the upcoming dates:

April 28, 2016, Salisbury, NC

May 18, 2016, Topeka, KS

May 25, 2016, Tampa Bay, Fl

June 1, 2016, Cincinnati, OH

July 25, 2016, Bozeman, MT

August 2, 2016, Detroit, MI

veterans managing pain xray

Veterans managing pain can find support and information through this event series!

What is at stake?

Chronic pain is an important issue for sufferers, and this is especially the case when providing information and services to American Veterans. If you are a veteran or have a loved one who is a veteran then an event like the ones being put on by the ACPA can be useful to learn about resources and provide a network for individuals in pain.

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