Natural Chronic Migraine Remedies

Chronic migraine remedies can help save you the hassle of getting a prescription or trying an ineffective over the counter medication for your headache. Severe migraines are hard to deal with; for those who go through them know the kind of pain that takes place. No matter how hard you try to divert your attention, you are just not able to when you have a migraine.

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chronic migraine remedies are great for when you have a headache and want to treat yourself naturally!

Chronic Migraine Remedies

Natural remedies can help you. It may surprise you, but yes, there are times when even the strongest paracetamol fails, but the home remedies don’t. So here are the top ten home remedies for you to remember and use:

  • Sit in a dark room for around 30 minutes: This is perhaps the fastest way to get rid of your migraines; switch off all the lights, put all the curtains and relax in a sound-free dark room for around 30 minutes. You feel extremely rejuvenated after this session.
  • Place an ice pack on your forehead and close your eyes: If you have an ice pack at home, consider yourself to have a blessing in hands; put it on your forehead for around five to ten minutes.
  • Switch off the TV and the music system and simply relax in a dark room: Don’t let any sound intrude through the cracks of the doors of your house or room; let the room be as noise-free as possible.
  • Wash your hair or go for a long cold shower: Simply sit under the cold water for around 5 to 10 minutes; let your hair wet and feel the water cleansing away the chronic pain of a migraine.
  • Use herbal hair oil: There are a lot of essential oils available in the market; grab one of them and self-massage your scalp.
  • Use lavender oil on your forehead: Apply some Lavender oil on your forehead with either a damp cloth to soothe your migraine.
  • Drink warm green tea: Green tea has certain properties to relax your mind and relieves your headache
  • Try some aromatherapy: If you have scented candles at home, let the aromatherapy heal you both internally as well as externally.
  • Smell peppermint oil: Peppermint oil gives you a different feeling when you inhale it; do it to feel rejuvenated.
  • Drink ginger tea: Ginger tea is always good for migraines.

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