Migraines: Ten Things to do When You Have a Headache

Migraines can be ugly, especially if you are surrounded by a lot of people at home or are stuck at work, where your boss is always loading you with work, and you are just not able to handle so much of stress. There is no particular time for migraines unless you go through what I have termed as 6 o’clock Migraines, which occur after 6 pm.

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Migraines can be debilitating but some relief can be found by trying one of these tips!

If you ask me about chronic pain in the head, I know how it feels for I have myself been going through it for quite some time now. So how do I cope-up with a migraine and how I try avoiding it all the time? Read below to know about the ten things that you can do when you have a chronic migraine attack; these are the exact things that I do:

  • Pour some cold water on your head and wash your hair: Cold water allows the pain to subside; hence, washing hair is the best thing when you have a migraine attack.
  • Close your eyes and sit under the shower (wet your hair as well): Sit under the shower and let the cold water heal every pore of your skin, including the pain in the head.
  • Use an icepack on your forehead or exactly where the pain occurs: For quick relief from a headache, you can use an icepack on your forehead.
  • Immediately darken the room or switch off all the lights: Switch off all the lights in the room and make it as dark as possible, so that you can close your eyes and sleep.
  • Lower the volume of the TV: Let there be no noise.
  • Stop listening to music, if you are during the attack: Do not listen to anything loud, including music, when you have the attack.
  • Drink green tea, for it helps in keeping your mood balanced and kicks off chronic pain in the head: Green tea rejuvenates your mind.
  • Smell lavender oil and apply a drop of it on your forehead (unless you are allergic to floral stuff): Lavender oil has a healing fragrance.
  • Fold a cotton cloth in a rectangular shape, wet it in cold water and then keep it on your forehead for a few seconds: Cold water cotton cloth on the head not only works to bring down the fever but migraines as well.
  • Avoid keeping your cell phone next to you: Do not use your phone, if you have a migraine attack.

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