How Chronic Pain Causes Depression: Understanding the Connection

Chronic pain causes depression and researchers and mental health professionals have begun to understand the connection between the two. Health is the most important thing to everybody, isn’t it?

This is something that we all know… We don’t pay much attention to ourselves and keep racing to earn more, be more successful and get more from life. In fact, there are times when we try running with our life, itself and then run way ahead of it.

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Chronic pain causes depression, and it is now well documented. Researchers and mental health professionals have begun to understand how chronic pain causes depression.

But do you think it is all worth it; is it worth your life? No matter what you do, your health needs to be more important to you. There are millions of people, who go through the issue of chronic pain, which leads to the ugly shade of depression.

Chronic Pain Causes Depression

  • The pain keeps frustrating you: The worst thing about chronic pain is that it frustrates you to the most maximum extent. No matter how much you try to cope up with it, you are just not able to, because of its intensity.
  • Chronic pain leads to mood swings: There are times when you go through mood swings due to this pain. Why? Because you feel happy when the pain isn’t there, and you feel sad and frustrated when the pain is at its peak.
  • You keep waiting for the pain to go away, but it doesn’t, at least for a long, extended period of time: You want the pain to disappear, but when it doesn’t, you feel miserable and terribly depressed since it stays with you for a longer duration.
  • The pain keeps annoying you all the time: Chronic pain can be exhausting because it annoys you a lot.
  • You find it difficult to cope up with the pain: You are just not able to use the concept of pain management since the pain keeps increasing all the time and depresses you.
  • You sleep more than required, which leads to frustration: When you sleep a lot, you are bound to get depressed, after a given period of time. Since your body feels like resting more due to this pain, you sleep more and hence end up getting frustrated, which leads to depression.
  • You feel like your body needs more rest: Even though the pain is not felt by the brain, your body asks for more rest, and you prefer staying indoors, isolating yourself from the social world. When you are alone, you feel lonely and depressed.

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