Healthy Exercise: How Exercise Affects Your Health

Healthy exercise is essential to maintaining healthy body weight and keeping your physical wellbeing in top shape. Exercising has been an age long health improvement practice whose benefit cannot be overemphasized. Health practitioners have also proven that being active makes one healthy. Exercising can come in different forms this ranges from walking, cycling, playing football, running, jogging and much more.

Healthy exercise can be running, yoga, or even weight lifting! When healthy exercise is a goal, it can dramatically improve your experience of life.

Healthy Exercise

  • There are various ways which activities affect our health for instance research has shown that the fuzzy and warm chemicals released in the course of exercising and after can help individuals suffering from anxiety disorder to calm down. A moderately high aerobic exercise likewise reduces anxiety sensitivity.
  • Cardiovascular exercise can result in neurogenesis thus boosting the general performance of the brain. Work outs increase the level of protein that is brain-derived in the body, which is believed to aid higher thinking, decision making, and learning.
  • Exercises help in weight reduction and also diminish the risk of some illness: regular exercise helps reduce obesity. Being obsessed makes one prone to various diseases, a good exercise will contribute to reducing weight and keep fit. The chances of having diseases like high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes are significantly reduced.
  • Good exercise also prevents cognitive reduction: our brain becomes a bit hazy as we grow old. Degenerative sicknesses such as Alzheimer and aging destroys brain cells, lots of brain cells are lost as noggin shrinks. Though a healthy diet and exercise cannot cure Alzheimer, it will go a long well in assisting the brain to be prepared for the decline in cognition.
  • Exercise helps keep the body and mind active: exercising makes the body manufacture endorphins which are chemical that make individuals feel happy and peaceful. It helps people with mild depression or self-esteem that is low to overcome their situation.
  • Exercising also sharpens memory, boost brain power, increase relaxation, increase creativity, increases mental alertness, stimulate inspiration and help in addiction control.
  • Furthermore, it helps in reducing the probability of having stroke, heart disease, osteoarthritis dementia, and depression

The health benefits of exercise are endless, and various studies have emerged to prove that inactivity is a silent killer. It is, therefore, pertinent to engage in exercise activities to enjoy the numerous health benefit and quality life it brings.

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