Rotator Cuff Injury: 5 Ways to Help Heal Your Shoulder

The rotator cuff is a tough sheath of tendons and ligaments that support the arm at the shoulder joint. The Rotator cuff injury is a tear in the tissues connecting muscle to the bone called ligaments around the shoulder joint. If something like this happens, the immediate need is to go to the clinic. But in case you are in some place or situation where it is not possible for you to instantly visit the doctor, you can resort to some household remedies like resting your shoulder and applying some ice.

Rotator Cuff Injury Healing Tips

Here are given the best six ways that cure you of a rotator cuff injury:

  1. Resting of shoulder-Resting your shoulder on a sling is the first and foremost step to reduce pain and further damage. This has to be done for a short period. The primary goal of this step is pain control, but prolonged use of the sling may cause stiffness, weakness, and loss of motion of the shoulder joint.
  2. Apply extremes of temperature-It may sound a bit weird, but there is no better way of handling a rotator cuff injury than applying ice and heat. Yes, extremes of temperatures can work wonders in such a case. Make sure to use ice in the first go alternating it with heat. This can reduce not only pain but also swelling.
  3. Take anti-inflammatory drugs-Take medicines like Ibuprofen or Naproxen that can help to reduce swelling to a great deal and also reduce the unbearable pain as it happens in many cases.
  4. Avoid uncomfortable positions-This is critical. Rest your shoulder in such a way that you make yourself entirely comfortable without any pressure or muscle stress on the shoulder. A sling is good but makes sure that your shoulders are in no way twisted in any uncomfortable positions.
  5. Massaging-Massage therapy by a good therapist is an excellent way of handling rotator cuff injuries. This helps in relaxing and minimizing the pain. But make sure the person whom you are relying on is an expert with proper medical massage training.
  6. Codman exercises-Initially done with a physical therapist, these are passive range-of-motion exercises that have to be done by slowly increasing the degree of motion of the shoulder putting a little amount of stress on the rotator cuff. The arm has to hang freely, and the injured person has to lean towards the injured side. Holding light things and moving the hand in slow circles should do to start.

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