Blood Pressure: How To Naturally Lower Your BP

Blood pressure can worry you. This can cause other problems like breathing problems and high risk of strokes and heart problems. Proper medication is needed. But your daily lifestyle can keep your blood pressure under control.

Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

Here are given ten fantastic tips to lower your blood pressure naturally:

  1. Weight control-Reduction in weight reduces blood pressure. Keep an eye on your waistline and keep the doctor recommended waist measurements for yourself.
  2. Regular exercise-A great way to keep your blood pressure in control. Do it for at least 30 minutes daily. Walking, jogging, cycling, swimming and dancing can be great options.
  3. Healthy and balanced diet- try to eat fresh fruits and vegetables rich in potassium that keeps sodium level low. Take food with low-fat dairy products and avoid saturated fat and cholesterol enhancing food. Read food labels and maintain a food diary.
  4. Less alcohol-Though a little drinking can be beneficial for health, too much of it can be hazardous. This can raise blood pressure by several points. This can be so much beneficial that it can even reduce blood pressure medications.
  5. Reduce sodium in diet-Buy low sodium alternatives for your foods that you can read the labels, avoid processed foods and reduce salt intake. If you find it difficult to do it suddenly, take time and make gradual changes by adapting your palate.
  6. Leave smoking-This is an absolute no. Each cigarette increases your blood pressure for many minutes after you finish. It can be dangerous.
  7. Avoid coffee-Coffee contains caffeine that can raise blood pressure. Though the effect is said to be slight, it is advisable to avoid it in the case of a high-pressure tendency.
  8. Don’t take stress-This is very vital for keeping normal blood pressure. This can be done by just reducing expectations, thinking solutions to the problems only under your control, avoiding people or situations that bother you and finding time to relax every day.
  9. Regular check-up-To ensure that your pressure is kept at the normal level, go for regular check-ups and regular visits to the doctor. Home monitoring can help you keep tabs on your blood pressure, ensures that your lifestyle changes are working and alert you and your doctor about any health complications.
  10. Take support-There is no offense in taking the emotional and other necessary support from your family and friends. They are your near and dear ones, and you can take help from them in activities like going to the doctor or listening to your daily stuff. Never feel that they are getting disturbed. If not, you can find a support group that will give your emotional and moral back-up.

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