Topical Compounds for Chronic Pain Relief

Are suffering from chronic pain due to an illness? Have you considered topical compounds for chronic pain relief? Topical compounds can help relieve your pain symptoms and reduce your suffering. The following is why you should consider topical compounds for chronic pain relief. Chronic pain affects approximately 100 million adults in the United States every day according to the American Academy of Pain Medicine (AAPM). Living in pain can diminish your quality of life and can cause unwanted stress, loss of sleep, extended hospitalizations, and even depression if left untreated.

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Topical compounds help reduce chronic pain

There are numerous treatment options available, but only prescription topical compounds help not only with overall treatment for chronic pain but with the added benefit of targeting specific pain areas on the body with immediate relief. Relying upon traditional narcotic over the counter or prescription medications can take significantly longer for relief and may be addictive or have unwanted side effects.

Benefits of Topical Compounds for Chronic Pain Relief

Topical compounds fall under the science of pharmacological compounding; wherein compound pharmacies prepare customized specifically for patients. Compounds can come in the form of a lotion, gel, or spray which you can apply to the skin for transdermal delivery. Topical compounds anticipate the needs of the patient based off of a physician’s recommendation, thus making each compound wholly unique.

  1. Non-narcotic and non-addictive for instant relief of pain
  2. Can be applied directly onto skin like gel or lotion
  3. Topicals are more versatile than commercial drugs
  4. They allow for customized and unique treatments
  5. You can treat several different ailments at the same time
  6. Compounds are safe with the proper procedure

Prescription topical compound will contain acting agents that can be delivered through the skin and are made specifically to give you the best relief when applied to the exact area where you are experiencing discomfort.

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