Will A Topical Compound Work for Arthritis?

Using a topical compound or analgesic cream is one of the easiest methods to administer a medication for your pain. Topical compounds are widely preferred over oral drug intake. However, in many cases, topical compounds can be dangerous for your health because of the risk of overdose and improper application.

Arthritis is a disease of joints, areas that connect bones together and can result in severe pain and inflammation. Arthritis patients are given various drugs to ease that recurring pain, which stays with them for a lifetime. Voltran Gel is one of the highly prescribed, FDA approved topical compound used for the treatment of osteoarthritis pain. The gel is rich in diclofenac sodium, which acts as the main ingredient in Voltran pills as well.

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Using a topical compound can help reduce your pain while targeting the specific area of your body that is in discomfort!

Topical Compound For Arthritis

The use of a topical NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) is often a good choice when you are experiencing arthritis pain in merely one or two joints. For patients with mild arthritis joints pain, patches and creams are very beneficial and can help reduce the pain to a good extent. Many US residents have converted to the use of arthritis creams rich in NSAIDs to relieve themselves of joint aches. It is worth mentioning though, that these topical compounds provide temporary ease and is preferable as it provides an easy route to your body.

In most of the over-the-counter sold topical drugs, you will find the ingredient Capsaicin which is derived from cayenne peppers. When rubbed on the affected joint area, this compound blocks the production of substance P, which is responsible for the deliverance of pain messages to your brain. It is an effective topical ingredient for rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis patients.

Salicylates are yet another ingredient used in various topical creams that are used to provide ease to the arthritic patients. This ingredient is related to aspirin and in many cases, people use topical creams rich in this compound instead of aspirin pills. However, the positive results of this drug are unclear till now. Many ointments like Sportscreme, Bengay, Aspercreme and Flexall include salicylates.

Want to learn more about treating your arthritis? Visit the Arthritis Foundation for important information and resources!

Topical Compound: Alternative Treatment

Another alternative for arthritis joint aches is Lidocaine patch. This compound is also used to block the transmission of pain messages to the human brain. Lidocaine acts as a numbing agent or anesthetic and reduces sensation. In a meeting conducted in 2005 by American Pain Society, it was reported that 143 patients, who suffered from knee joint pains, used Lidoderm patch for a period of 12 weeks, whereas others, administered Celebrax, a pill rich in NSAID to relieve themselves of the pain. After 12 weeks, the results were significantly better in the former group with a margin of 30%. Thus, it proved that Lidocaine patches are a worthy choice to diminish arthritis pains.

The other commonly used anti-inflammatory topical compounds contain eucalyptus oil, menthol, eugenol from cloves. Turpentine oil, camphor and/or oil of wintergreen. These topical creams produce a hot or cold feeling on the joint area when applied on the skin. This provides a feeling of soothe to the patient. The popular brand names in this regard are Tiger Balm, Therapeutic Mineral Ice and Icy Hot.

Therefore, it can be safely said that the use of topical compounds is fairly good when it comes to arthritis and will be beneficial for the patients. But it is ideal that patients seek advice from their doctor before using the topical creams and ointments.

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