Insomnia: What’s the Connection to Chronic Pain?

Can insomnia cause chronic pain? Insomnia affects millions of people every day, causing sleepless nights and sometimes even pain.  The individual may sleep for four to five hours after three to four days, but not very often.

Now if you ask us about the connection between insomnia and chronic pain, the study states that there is a connection. If you are unable to sleep or go through the problem of habitual sleeplessness, you are bound to go through the issue of chronic pain. Your body needs adequate rest to recover from your day and injuries.

What’s the Connection?

Having adequate rest will allow the medication to work better. When your body is in the resting mode, it heals the pain in a much better way. On the other hand, if you are an insomniac, you don’t allow the pain to go away. Not that you’re keeping the pain on purpose. It’s just your mind will constantly concentrate on the pain or whatever is causing it. Hence it becomes chronic by lasting an extended period of time.

We all know that stress is one of the biggest contributors to a lot of pains in our body. If anxiety does not leave your mind for an extended period, the pain will not leave you, either. No matter how small the pain is, it is bound to stay with you until your mind rests, which is possible only when your body is sleeping. Sleep may only be a temporary fix if you awaken only to think about the stressors all over again.

Lack of sleep can also stress you out for the simple fact of knowing you’ll be exhausted during the day. If you have a busy work day or a lot ahead of you, you’ll worry about not having enough energy to get through the day. Will you have a midday crash? Will you be effective mentally?

In many cases, being diagnosed with chronic pain can cause insomnia. How can one sleep if they are constantly in pain? Other medical conditions can cause chronic pain including asthma, kidney disease, acid reflux and others.

Always check with your primary care physician if you are experiencing insomnia or chronic pain.

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