Depression Symptoms: How to Recognize the Signs

Depression symptoms are often unrecognized or ignored. You may feel depression symptoms daily, but there are times when those feelings may simply feel normal. When these feelings become overwhelming and last for a long period of time, they can impede on your life. When that happens, it is time to seek medical assistance. Here are a few symptoms of depression to watch out for.

Feeling Hopeless
Your sadness is uncontrollable and you find yourself bursting into tears. Negative thoughts are racing through your head making you feel worse. You have to deal with a big disappointment or you don’t see any way out of a situation. Do you feel empty or hopeless and don’t know why? No matter what you do, this feeling remains the same. It could be depression.

Feeling Worthless
We can all be self-critical of ourselves. Symptoms of depression may take this criticism a bit deeper by making you feel worthless or helpless. You may feel as though nobody needs you or you can’t help those you love.

When depressed, you may suddenly feel anxious, angry and frustrated at random times or these feelings may be triggered by your surroundings. Random outburst and reckless behavior may occur. Your tolerance level may be very low and everything and everyone can get on your nerves.

Lack of Focus
People with depression may not be able to think as clearly as they used to or their concentration has slowed. Symptoms usually include not being able to remember details or make decisions.

Physical Symptoms
Physical signs may include headaches, stomach pain, random body aches, fatigue and lack of sleep. Digestive problems may occur due to a change in diet.

Lack of Energy or Interest
Normal activities become boring or no longer interest you. Physical activity has slowed and there is a constant feel of tiredness. You may feel like isolating yourself instead of enjoying social activities.

Increased or Lack of Appetite
Depression may lead to weight loss or weight gain. A change of more than 5% of body weight in a month is a concern. Some people experience a lack of interest in food, while for others use food to compensate for their feelings of depression.

Suicidal Thoughts
The deep feeling of hopelessness can make a person feel as though suicide is the only way out. Thoughts of harming yourself is a major sign of depression. If you or someone you know has thoughts of suicide, take it seriously and seek help.


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