Alcohol: 10 Ways Drinking Affects Your Body

For many people, alcohol is a major part of holidays and special events. Alcohol is also a significant part of most people’s weekends. The weekend is on its way! What’s the first thing on your mind? Beer with friends? Whisky with your girlfriend? Wine at home?

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Alcohol, while fun and socially enjoyable, can have an adverse impact on your body!

No matter who you are – the first thing that is on the mind of every individual, today, is alcohol, when it comes to socializing or simply ‘relaxing’ with friends or loved ones, especially on weekends.

Now the big question is – do you wonder how the alcohol affects your body?

10 Ways Alcohol Affects Your Body

‘But I drink only on weekends or once in a while!’ You say. Even if you drink ‘once in a blue moon’, alcohol affects your body in a lot of negative ways. Read below to know about the top 10 ways in which it does:

  1. Alcohol causes hypertension, and that’s the first thing that you need to be worried about when you drink. It raises your blood pressure. Now that does not mean that it is good for you to drink if you are a patient of low blood pressure. Even if it raises your blood pressure, it does so, in a negative way.
  2. The more you drink, the weaker your heart muscles become. You read it right – your heart is negatively affected due to your addiction to alcohol.
  3. Beer DOES NOT help you get rid of kidney stones; it is the WATER in it that helps you do so! Instead of drinking beer to kick off the stones from your body, it is better to drink a lot of barley water or water. The alcohol in beer causes many problems to your body.
  4. If you care for your liver, you have got to stop drinking, because it is one of the first body parts that get affected due to your addiction to drinking or due to consumption of alcohol.
  5. We all enjoy the sensation that takes place inside our brain when we are drunk. However, when you drink, you are only playing with your brain, and it is advisable not to do so because if the mind starts playing with you, then there is no way you can survive!
  6. You may find it difficult to coordinate different parts of your body. This is because your brain gets used to alcohol and hence feels dizzy all the time.
  7. If you are addicted to alcohol, you are bound to go through different weird sensations in your body.
  8. Drunkards usually suffer from ‘slurred’ speech.
  9. Now read this – don’t you want to see your babies or future in your hands? If you want to, then you must know that drinking causes infertility.
  10. If you don’t want to have complications during pregnancy, it is important to consider reducing or entirely removing alcohol intake from your body.

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