7 Chronic Pain Symptoms You Should Know

Chronic pain symptoms may be unfamiliar to many people. How does it feel? How does it manifest? Can you self-diagnose chronic pain? Does it start as mild pain and intensifies? Many people don’t know the answers to these questions. A large number of people are familiar with the term chronic pain, but unaware of if they are living with the symptoms. Here are a few chronic pain symptoms you should know.

  1. Consistent pain in one part of your body. The biggest signs of chronic pain may include constant irritation, tightness, stiffness or a painful pinching feeling. Do you have back pain? Back pain is the most common chronic pain and the most common pain to cause disability.  
  2. Pain lasts longer than three to six months. With chronic pain, your nervous system can be altered causing pain sensations to amplify and last longer. This pain can affect a person’s daily function, emotional and psychological levels. Chronic pain has been linked to depression.
  3. You can no longer sleep, sit or stand for periods of time without discomfort or a particular posture becomes difficult to maintain.
  4. Pain or discomfort causes sleepless nights. You can’t seem to get comfortable because pain exists or intensifies regardless of the position you try to sleep in.
  5. A massage no longer eradicates the pain. The pain may be alleviated temporarily, but it returns within an hour as if you never received a massage.
  6. Your immune system has weakened during the same duration of the pain.
  7. You always feel tired despite getting sleep.

If you feel as though you have chronic pain, please set up an appointment with your primary physician to be properly diagnosed. Do not self-medicate. A physician is needed to determine if you have chronic pain, the location, possible cause and prescribe the correct medication for you. Alternative therapies may also be suggested for pain management.

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